What do you charge?

The Wingwoman package is based on a sliding scale, but Speak For Yourself and Networking That Monetizes are both a flat rate fee.

Do you do PR?

Think of me in the arena of sales and marketing. If you’re looking for someone to secure you with media hits, I’m happy to introduce you to a few recommended publicists.

How did you think of this?

That’s a great question. The short version: with a background as a Spokesperson, Journalist, Producer, and Salesperson, I mastered how to connect with, listen to, and represent people. The long version: get on my calendar.


What’s a Wingwoman?

Still confused? No worries. That was me everyday in math class. Get on my calendar and I’m happy to hear what you need and if I can help.

where are you based?

Sunny Los Angeles, California! I do travel for corporate workshops and speaking engagements. Contact me if this is something you’re looking for.

Any fun facts to share?

Of course! I’m a classically-trained pianist. I’m fluent in Spanish. I’m proudly from the Midwest. I closed the NYSE bell thanks to a 27-foot long hot dog. I had Lasik eye surgery in South Korea. I love to cook. I’m happy to report I was edited out of a reality show.


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