Stop hiding & start changing the world.
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Ready to Double Your Impact & Your Income?

At the Wingwoman Collective, we’re experts at cultivating relationships and connecting people with who they need and who might need them.

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What We Do

At the Wingwoman Collective, we work with people who struggle with building and converting relationships while networking, have inconsistent income, and are at the mercy of their referrals.

After hiring a Wingwoman for targeted networking or one-on-one coaching to be their own spokesperson, you’re able to expand your reach by bringing in high-level clients who close twice as fast, have the confidence to engage with anyone in any environment and gain steady income so that you can amplify your mission, step into the role of a thriving CEO, and make a big impact on the world. 



How We Do It


We Do It For You

No time to network? Founder Kylie Hodges will be your Wingwoman. After a deep dive assessment to intimately understand the ins and outs of your business and target client, she’ll strategically network on your behalf and bring plenty of hot leads and qualified prospects your way. Rest assured that while you’re staying focused on what you do best for your business, she’s expanding your impact and your income.


We Do It With You

Looking for back up? Bring a Wingwoman with you to a big event and duplicate your impact. Get one-on-one coaching on networking + talking points and strategy so you can be your best advocate.


We Show You How To Do It

Want to step up your networking game? You asked, so we answered. Join our new 6 week virtual course, “Networking That Monetizes”, to learn our secret sauce.

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“The only resource we can't get back is time. As the founder of a service-based business, my client work takes up a lot of my day. Having a Wingwoman takes so much pressure off of growing my business. I can't recommend it enough!

- Jess J., Founder of Backbone Creative



“Kylie has this understanding of community and networking, unlike anyone I have ever met. (She) has connected me with various opportunities and clients because she has Zip Zap Zop and me in her best interest... if it wasn’t for her I would have felt alone and would not be where I am today.

— Maja W., Founder of Zip Zap Zop Enrichment

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