Hi. I’m Kylie.

Formerly known as Ketchup Kylie.

And I’ve painfully watched too many colleagues, friends, and fellow business owners miss out on opportunities because they don’t know how to properly use their voice and cultivate relationships.

My mission is to use my voice and enthusiasm to amplify the message of other people doing great work in this world that deserve a spotlight on them. I created this course to empower everyone to be their own spokesperson and talk of themselves in the highest regard so they can get everything they want out of life. I want to live and breathe the Shine Theory - that if we speak highly and genuinely of someone else, the world will become a more collaborative and better place because of it.


I’m sorry - did you say your name is “Ketchup Kylie”…?


Oh, right. That part.

Listen, please don’t get weird about this, because some people really can’t handle being in the presence of a celebrity.

I was the spokesperson and driver of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and I went by Ketchup Kylie.