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Are you a DIY kind of entrepreneur?

Do you love learning and the freedom to figure out your own process?

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Are you a DIY kind of entrepreneur? Do you love learning and the freedom to figure out your own process?

Are you ready to double your impact and grow your business? Do you like one-on-one service and in-depth guidance?


Are you a service-based business owner who can’t afford to miss out on even 1 client?

Then you’re in the right place.

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What if your presence in any environment could give you handfuls of new clients, increase your income, and grow the business of your dreams so you can enjoy the life of your dreams?

Here’s a secret:

It can.


Don’t peace out, just hear me out.


Does any of this sound familiar? You’re...


Working in your business and not working ON your business. You’re throwing all your time into perfecting and creating an amazing product and service, but you hear crickets rather than clients knocking on your door.


Unsure how to attract and reach your ideal client. You know they're out there, but how do you get them to notice you? You’ve experimented with online ads but that hasn’t brought quality leads. You’re attending events in person but leaving every networking event wondering what was the point in even attending.


Frustrated with dead-end leads. You get prospects on the phone with you, but they’re not converting to clients. When is the perfect client going to show up?



Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good.

It gets better…

I promise!

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I hate to break it to you, but trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of crazy.

Meaning, if you want to grow your income, create the life and business you’ve dreamed of, and serve an ever-growing community of quality clients...then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you've already been doing.



I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could...


Walk into any room and easily draw in new folks who are excited about what you have to say and can't wait to hear more.


Stand out above the noise. You know exactly how to introduce yourself in any interaction so that people understand exactly who you are and how you can help them.


Continually grow your business in an organic way that’s totally authentic. Your confidence when talking to someone will serve your sales process whether you’re at a networking event or chatting with your Lyft driver.


Feel confident in your strategy. No more praying the phone rings with a referral. You’ve got a clear idea for who your client is, where they are, and how to help them see you are their solution.


With your client list (and income!) growing, you have the means for the stuff that truly matters (and that you enjoy!).


No joke.

Here’s the answer -- you can achieve ALL of this success by simply speaking to people differently.

* insert mindblown emoji here *

I want to introduce you to my secret sauce: Networking That Monetizes.

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Networking That Monetizes

A 6 Week Virtual Course

Led by Founder Kylie Hodges


Networking That Monetizes is my step-by-step course and community where I’ll teach you my highly effective networking & sales process, so you can stop the sweaty palms at happy hour mixers and start growing your business authentically and mindfully.


Discover ALL the strategies I've accumulated from over a decade of talking the talk -- literally. Strategies that will dramatically grow the way you represent yourself, and at the same time, teaching others to be your brand ambassadors without even realizing it.


There’s so much power in the words you use to speak about yourself… it’s time to speak with intention and purpose! 

Over the course of six jam-packed weeks together, I’m going to break down what modern networking looks like, why it’s still so important in the digital age, and how to be strategic to make every interaction work for you.

I’m going to teach you how to master the art of authentic engagement that benefits your confidence, your sales conversations, and your business.

That’s right, you’re going to learn Networking That Monetizes.


Networking That Monetizes is a 6-week program for service-based entrepreneurs who want to grow their client base and their income.

Starting June 10, members come together for 6 weekly calls and homework to immediately apply learnings and start growing ASAP. All of our meetings are Zoom calls that can be accessed anywhere and recorded in case you miss them.

As a Member of the Program, you get:

  • Weekly calls: lessons that will knock your socks off starting Day 1

  • Homework: weekly networking challenges & voice defining lessons to implement your learnings

  • Community: a built-in cheer section from other members as you grow together

  • Live feedback: an intentionally small group so you get 1-on-1 support every week

And these awesome Bonuses:

  • Our contact management system + best practices

  • Unlimited email support

  • Access to our private Slack channel: to keep the community support & feedback going daily

  • Private 1-on-1 strategy session (30-45 min with Kylie): we’ll make sure you’re on a path to success beyond Week 6





Believe me, once you’ve found those feelings, you’ll be unstoppable.

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Let me take you back to where my secret sauce came from.

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Growing up brings us new chapters in life. A new school, a new job, a new city. A naturally outgoing person like me thrives off of having positive relationships in my life and prioritized finding those relationships at the beginning of every chapter. Instinctually, I always knew how to strike up a conversation with others, but it wasn’t until my dream job came along that I refined the art of intentional conversation to lead to authentic and effective sales.


After beating out thousands of candidates, I became the spokesperson for the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and trained for weeks with one of the top PR firms in the nation. Straight out of college and I was representing a 4 billion dollar brand. CNN? Yup. TODAY show? Filmed multiple segments. New York Stock Exchange? Closed the bell.

Back when I teased my hair and went by the alias “Ketchup Kylie”.  Yes, I still respond to that name.

Back when I teased my hair and went by the alias “Ketchup Kylie”.

Yes, I still respond to that name.


Speaking on behalf of a Fortune 500 company early in my career implemented my foundation to authentically create connections with anyone while having a mindful and effective sales conversation.

You’re probably saying: “Sales? Yuck. Sounds slimey.”


And to that I say, get your mind out of the desperate car salesman gutter.


I learned that authentic and helpful conversations led with intention are the best (and kindest!) conversations.


And guess what?

That’s what sales is.

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Quick Disclaimer: This course isn’t for just anybody.

Networking That Monetizes is for:

Young AND Mature Businesses.  If you want more prospects coming in that convert to clients, then this course will help get you there, no matter where you’re starting from.

People who want clarity and strategy with finding qualified clients. You’re itching to grow your pipeline because more clients = more money, but feel overwhelmed, lost and unclear with how networking can consistently do that for you.

People who want to increase their impact and their income. You’re looking to carve out and define your voice so you’re connecting with the RIGHT people who are helping spread your message and support your business.

Networking That Monetizes is NOT for:

Uncommitted folks. This program isn’t for people who think buying a course will do all the heavy lifting for them. You have to commit to doing the work to see results.

People looking to make cash fast. This is a program for heart-centric people who have a mission that needs to be shared. Growing your income will give you the means to expand your impact and spread your gifts with the world.


Marie Forleo says “you’re always selling something” - and she’s right!

Whether you’re selling them on your cause, an action they should take to better themselves, or your brand, it’s just a part of human interaction.

So why wouldn’t you want to be great at it?

 Are ready to…

  • Bring in more quality clients

  • Share your mission with the world

  • Step into the role of a thriving CEO