Networking That Monetizes Course

Networking That Monetizes Course

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Networking: the thing that we all need to do, and yet most of us dread it, avoid it, or don’t strategize it. Despite the fact that statistics show 40% of prospects are converted to new customers through face-to-face meetings… yes, that’s right. Read that again: that’s 4 customers for every 10 people you speak with!

This 4 week course will give you the tools to strategize and gain the confidence and knowledge you need to monetize your networking and better advocate for yourself so your business can thrive.

I'm In!

This course will:

- slow down and go in-depth with building *all* of your networking skills (you have more than you think!)
- teach you how to walk away with hot leads from every event you attend
- learn how my magnet client blueprint works in networking, sales and beyond
replicate my process that has never been shared before - I don't just fill my clients pipeline with qualified leads, I get them more qualified clients that pay
- and a whoooole lot more

PLUS these bonuses:

+ weekly networking challenges to apply the material and build your skill right away
+ private one-on-one client attraction strategy session with Yours Truly
+ a few other helpful tools I have tucked up my sleeve 😊

If you're in a place where you can't afford to miss out on even 1 client or customer, then you need this program.

Ready to make a big impact and a bigger income? Join the Networking that Monetizes course and watch your business soar.