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I got you!


Get a Wingwoman!

No time to network? I’ll be your Wingwoman. After a deep dive assessment to intimately understand the ins and outs of your business and target client, I’ll strategically network on your behalf and bring plenty of hot leads and qualified prospects your way. Rest assured that while you’re staying focused on what you do best for your business, she’s expanding your impact and your income.


Speak For Yourself

This signature program includes 1-on-1 guidance, training and strategy with me so that you’re getting your face out there and bringing in your dream client. This is perfect for service-based business owners who aren’t ready to hire a Wingwoman but need to be their own best advocate.


Networking That Monetizes Course

Want to step up your networking game? You asked, so we answered. Join our new 4 week group program, “Networking That Monetizes”, for a crash course in learning Kylie’s secret sauce.